Temporary foreign agricultural workers in the Laurentias

Actualité | 2023-10-19
CIE emploi Laurentides


Recognition for exceptional commitment!


Agriculture holds a preponderant place in Quebec society. It represents 1.3% of all jobs in Quebec, thus providing work for 56,200 people (Labour Market Analysis Directorate, Service Canada, Quebec, 2022). It energizes our regions while being a fundamental element of our cultural heritage.

In the heart of the magnificent Laurentians region, every year, a group of discreet heroes travel long distances, mainly from Mexico or Guatemala, to come and work here. They face unique challenges that local workers don't experience. When they leave their home country, they leave behind their family and their culture. Additionally, they often work long hours in harsh weather conditions, for directly contributing to the region's food security.

It is therefore essential to provide them with adequate support and assistance to facilitate a harmonious integration and recognize their essential role in the region. The Laurentides Employment Integration Center is convinced that their dedication, year after year, deserves to be highlighted and that their invaluable contribution must be highlighted.

With this article, we want to express our gratitude to temporary foreign workers (TFW) in the agricultural sector who have come to work in the Laurentides region and for the same employer for several years. Their loyalty also aims to emphasize the importance of providing them with fair treatment. By supporting them, we actively participate in building a more united and stronger Laurentian community.

In addition, it is the opportunity to highlight that these workers are not only seasonal workers, but also full members of the Laurentians community. They bring with them a cultural richness and diversity which represent added value for our region. Their presence reminds us that we live in an increasingly interconnected world, where sharing resources and skills is essential to our collective well-being.

It is therefore a good time to recognize the essential contribution of these agricultural workers, often unrecognized, but essential to the success of our local agriculture. They deserve our gratitude and respect for all the miles traveled and the dedication they give us each season.

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